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The player you want

Customizable and secure - make your own

Player Sizes

Have any size you want. vzaar offers presets: small, medium, large and HD. Or, enter your own custom size.


Poster Frame

Full control of the image displayed inside the player before the user presses play.


End Screen Text

Add text and a link to the final screen of the video. Get your message across and direct users to a URL of your choice.



Give your viewers the opportunity to select their language while viewing your videos. Upload your subtitles - vzaar's player will incorporate them into your chosen video.


Domain Control

Make your videos playable only on your site. Tell us which domain(s) (e.g. mysite.com) you want them to play on and we'll do the rest.



Easily create playlists so users have access to a group of videos within the player. Automate playlist video updates by using labels.