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Our Mail Catcher video involved a bit of filming in the great outdoors. Which was a nice change of scene for us office bods but does present extra challenges in terms of the lighting for the video. Our solution? DIY light reflector…

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It may be that you’ve not given your video the features it needs to perform. Let’s take a look at three different ways your videos can grow your revenue, and the features you need for each…

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For the past 9 months, everyone at the company from developers (like me), to managers, have been taking turns doing a week on support. Every single (non-support) vzaar-ian is placed into a weekly rota. When it’s your week you get one ticket each day. Simple, right? Sort of…

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A successful video marketing campaign doesn’t just mean pointing your camera, hitting record and then embedding the finished product in your website. Hold your horses! Before all that there’s an important planning step – skip this at your peril!