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Apple is going to release iOS 5, the latest version of their mobile operating system, for iPads the iPhones 3GS & iPhone4 and 3rd+ Generation iPod Touches (as well as any new hardware Apple announces this year). Your vzaar embed code generated before September 28th 2011, will not playback video on devices with the new operating system. To ensure full compatibility with iOS 5 you need to update the video embed code that you are currently using.

We have created a comprehensive help document to show you what has changed in the embed code and how you should replace the old embed code with the new.


Below are answers to some of the questions we expect you to have:

Why has this issue occurred? Apple has made a change to their mobile operating system so we have altered the embed code to ensure full compatibility.

Why can’t vzaar make a change to its server to ensure iOS 5 compatibility? We have looked into this but due to the technical nature of Apple’s change, it is not possible to address this issue from the server side.

I want playback on iOS 5 devices (iPhones & iPads) what should I do? You need to replace the embed code on your sites for any videos embedded before Wednesday 20th September 2011 with the new embed code with either the HTML5 style embed code or the new IFRAME embed code to enable your videos to playback on iPhones and iPads running iOS 5.

What are the embed code options? You now have a choice between the standard HTML5 style embed code that you’ve been using up until now, or a new IFRAME embed code. Read more here to find out what option is right for you.

How do I do this? Login to your vzaar account and go to your video page to get your embed code. Replace the embed code on your site with this new embed code.

When should I replace the embed code on my website? We suggest that you start changing your embed code as soon as possible so that when the update occurs your videos will playback.

Where can I find the new embed code? All the embed codes on vzaar have now been updated. The new embed code is located in the same place on your video page. See here for further information on where to find your embed code.

Do I need to re-upload my videos? You do not need to re-upload your videos.

What is iOS 5 and what devices does it run on? iOS 5 is Apple’s next release of their mobile operating system. This will run on the iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd & 4th Generations and any devices announced this year.

When is iOS 5 going to be released? Apple have not specified the release date but we believe this will happen in October 2011.

I have more questions?… If you have further questions or would like to speak to a member of our support team please contact us. Our contact information can be found here.

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vzaar video festival 2011

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Today marks the start of the first annual vzaar video festival. We are giving you a truly spectacular opportunity to have your creative genius shared with the world. Whether your video showcases a spectacular product/service, an inspirational concept, or is quite simply the most creative use of online video we’re yet to see, this festival is for you.

Over the next six weeks, we will be short listing your video submissions to be judged by Hollywood film director, Oliver Stone!

Oliver Stone will personally select one winner from three individual categories, as well as the ultimate title of the Best Online Video Award 2011!

Each winning video will receive the vzaar Video Festival Award 2011 from Oliver Stone, as well as having their winning entry promoted by vzaar for all to see.

We’re really excited to see what you guys have in store for this years video festival.

For more information on the rules and dates go to the vzaar video festival page.

Good Luck!

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Put together a small but powerful professional British TV and video production company with the country’s leading online video delivery experts and you have a match made in heaven.

That’s the experience of Robbie Hill, Managing Director of Hill Tribe Productions, who is rushed off his feet catering to the ever-growing demand for online video. His company has been hired by organisations like Baco, Plymouth University and Business Link South West to develop a video strategy for marketing and communications.

“They are all using video to communicate with their clients and customers, and showcase their product and services in an engaging way,” says Mr Hill.

He said Hill Tribe are experts at producing top quality video, but the company are not online content delivery experts, so they had to look elsewhere to find a professional video hosting service to showcase the results of their labours.

“I believe that the world of online video and the most efficient ways to deliver that video is fast-changing and ever-evolving – something I just don’t have the time or manpower to keep up to date with,”he says.

This video virtuoso needed help in putting his product “out there”, so he began to investigate the video hosting options available.

The main criteria required by Hill Tribe for the ideal video platform was firstly efficiency – a delivery network that would enable fast download of the films the company produced to the end user.

“We also wanted a platform that allowed us to make the most of our portfolio, through player branding and customisation, to SEO optimisation. We need our portfolio to work online for us, and to sell our services as professional video producers,” said Mr Hill.

It was time to go shopping (online shopping of course!) and Mr Hill compared what the main video platforms were offering in the realms of price, range of features, scalability and reputation.

“Ooyala offered a great range of features and options, but their price point was unrealistic for us. Kaltura offered a good range, but their previous customer service had been poor and we wanted a company that would be there for us. Brightcove have a good reputation and good price point, but when we tested their content delivery network it under-performed.”

Then, along came vzaar with its free 30-day trial, which proved to “offer everything we wanted and at a realistic price.”

Mr Hill said the vzaar customer service during the trial period gave him huge confidence in the company, and he was particularly impressed that vzaar was constantly upgrading and innovating features and options.

This is valuable for us as we need to know we are relying on a video platform that will keep us informed about the latest developments and features for online video, so we can, in turn, be up to date and offer our clients the best service possible.

Mr Hill believes vzaar to be the perfect partner for video production companies who want to focus on their craft – making the content – and not having to worry about delivering it.

“By working with vzaar we know that the films we produce will be shown to the end user online in the highest quality available – the culmination of all our hard work and effort.”

With vzaar handling delivery, Mr Hill is now set to take his relatively small company, based in south-west England, to new heights, with an office already opened in Thailand to handle productions in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Check Your Speed

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New Playback Diagnostic Tools From vzaar

Inspired developments from our tech team have resulted in a new tools hub where users can check their Internet speed. This hub is a great customer support resource and users who are experiencing problems with video playback can now see what their actual Internet speed is.

vzaar tools

There is also a bit rate tool to test playback performance based on the bit rate of the video. The tool displays several videos with varying bit rate’s so you can see at what bit rate your video experience starts to degrade.

You don’t need to be a vzaar customer to use this resource, and it’s a handy tool to have when you want to check the actual speed of your Internet connection.

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Your relationship with YouTube?

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Did you know, when you upload your content to Youtube you grant them…..

“worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable licence (with right to sub-licence) to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform that Content in connection with the provision of the Service and otherwise in connection with the provision of the Service and YouTube’s business, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Service (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats [and through any media channels];”

What this means is, you are giving up the exclusive rights to your content. When you upload content to vzaar you dont share the rights. You own the content and are in total control of that content. We often get asked by potential customers what is the difference between Youtube, a free video hosting service, and vzaar, a paid video hosting service.

The answer is:

When you use a Free service of any sort, you inevitably give something in return. There are many examples, remember nothing is ever free. Back in the 90’s ISP’s gave away “free” computers if you signed an internet service agreement. Today you can have the latest cell phone for “free” if you take out a contract with your phone operator. Ok, not great examples but you get the point. With Youtube the service is “free” and the tradeoff is control and ownership.

Here is another excerpt for the Terms of Service which states that…..

“The Service may include hyperlinks to other web sites that are not owned or controlled by YouTube. YouTube has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party websites.”

So when you upload content to YouTube not only do you no longer have exclusive rights to the content but you also have no control how it will be used. Your brand could end up being linked with the “red light district” without your consent.

Is Youtube right for your content and your business?

See the full Terms of Service onYouTube. Excerpts above were taken on March 4th 2011.

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