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Think your target audience is tough to engage?  Try getting the attention of MTA in New York City.  Dean Peterson managed to do just that with this 90 second video.  After stumbling over the same step one too many times while exiting his subway line on 34th street, Dean, a filmmaker living in Brooklyn, realized the problem was the step itself, so he pulled out his camera and started recording people’s falls.

After editing the clips together into an 87 second video, he shared it on Reddit.  Twenty-four hours later, the video had been featured on Gothamist, Mashable, and The New York Times, and had been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. We’re impressed by this video not because it’s been watched over one million times this week, but because it reached the people that really mattered—the MTA. The MTA carries about 11 million passengers to hundreds of stops every single day. It’s safe to say they have their hands full. This video did what no letter, call, or a tweet could: forced the MTA to take immediate action.  A letter wouldn’t have gotten the MTA’s attention, and even if it had, it couldn’t illustrate the problem as clearly and succinctly. No one that watches this video can deny that there is an issue with the step itself that should be addressed before someone is seriously injured.

Visitors to your site are not unlike the MTA.  They are constantly being bombarded with information, offers, and distractions on the internet.  Dean’s video got the MTA to fix a step on one of the hundreds of staircases in the 12 counties they serve in under 24 hours.  What can an explainer video do for your homepage?

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New at vzaar this week

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We like to make a lot of fanfare here at vzaar anytime we release a big feature, but you may not realize that we often have several little releases every day.  Lest these small but important improvements go overlooked, Aaron from our design team has taken it upon himself to keep you informed of what’s new here at vzaar with a quick video. 

Press play and take a minute(and forty seconds) to learn about our new customization options for playlists,  video-level control over social sharing buttons, and how we’ve addressed previous Domain Control issues in Safari.



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When you’ve got a video setup in-house, you can produce fresh video content anytime you like with the push of a button.  Record an interview with an executive in the morning.  Film a product video during lunch.  Have a customer stop by and shoot a testimonial in the middle afternoon.  So how come every business doesn’t have an in-house video setup?  Usually for one of the following reasons:

The equipment is prohibitively expensive.

This actually is not the case at all!   In recent years, video technology has become increasingly accessible to consumers and hobbyists.  What can be expensive, however,  is paying for studio time every time you’ve got a new idea for a video.

The setup is probably extremely elaborate and technical.

Do you think you can handle this:

Good!  That’s about as complicated as it gets.  You’re  not trying to rebuild the set of Titantic here.  A simple setup with a few lights and possibly a backdrop done well will go a long way.

I don’t know where to start.

Understandable!   We hear that a lot.  Fortunately for you, we’ve mapped it all out for you in our new free guidebook, How to Build an In-house Video Studio on a Budget.

vzaar’s team of video specialists put our heads together and wrote a 10 page guide that covers exactly what you need to setup an in-house studio.  In it, you’ll learn everything from how to find the right space for shooting to which microphone to buy.  We’ve even included two shopping lists complete with links where both bootstrappers and those with more generous budgets can find all the equipment they need online – from key lights to soundproof foam.

Get How to Build an In-house Video Studio on a Budget and get started today.


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It’s been nearly three months since we introduced Branded Video Pages, and we’re really impressed with what you have done with them.  Now that everyone has had some time to dive in and play with customization options, let’s discuss what goes into an effective Branded Video Page and take a look at a few good examples.

Upload a Logo

The simplest way to put your mark on the video pages is by simply uploading your company’s logo.  It only takes a few seconds and it goes a long way in differentiating your business from the others using our base templates.  It took no time at all for Swedish video production company Mindpool to create a clean, sleek showcase for their work by adding their logo to the Westminster theme.  This quick tweak created a professional appearance that is so vital when sending videos over to clients for approval.


Use a hi-res photo for your background

Sometimes a crisp white background suits a brand well.  That isn’t the case for TopGolf, which is why we were so glad to discover Director of Online Marketing Manger Shaun Sinnott had picked out a gorgeous hi-res photo to use as a background image.  The photo completely captures the fun, young, social image TopGolf has cultivated for themselves, but by selecting a black and white image, Shaun ensured that the background wouldn’t distract visitors from the main focus of the page – the video!


Remember the details

Customization doesn’t stop with a logo and a background image.  Don’t forget that you can tweak the colors of the text, video box, and even the border and controls within the player itself.

The Russian wine enthusiasts behind True Wine have developed a beautiful website and regularly offer well produced, informative video content, so it’s no surprise that they jumped on the opportunity to apply their branding to their vzaar pages.  Using the Vauxhall template as a jumping off point, they uploaded a logo and background image, but they also took the time to select colors for the text, video box, and controls that compliment the rest of the page’s design.  The result is a cohesive design that inspires confidence in their brand.

Link back to your website

MWI Veterinary Supply has kept their design simple, but they use the open description field to list their contact number and website URL.  Don’t overlook this opportunity to link back to your website.  The backlink is good for your site’s SEO, plus anyone who happens upon your video pages from a Google search will know immediately where they can find more information about your company.

What approach have you taken with your own Branded Video Pages?  We’d love to see what your business has come up with, so don’t hesitate to share your designs with us!

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Killer Video Strategies: TopGolf

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What is TopGolf?  An amazing place to spend an afternoon with friends or a date if you enjoy a bit of friendly competition, a tasty meal, or a cocktail.  You probably would only know that if you’ve already visited one of their half dozen locations, though.   If you haven’t already experienced TopGolf in person, you may have trouble understanding why you’d want to spend a Saturday night at golf range.  While TopGolf  couldn’t be further from your typical golf range, communicating that is one of the biggest challenges Shaun Sinnott tackles as the Director of Online Marketing.

“TopGolf is a difficult concept to explain in words,” Shaun admits.  “So, video is a great medium to express what we are and how much fun you can have at the facility. “

We took a look at how Shaun conveys the TopGolf spirit online and juggles the promotional video content for the seven location-specific sections of their website in our latest case study.

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