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Sell your home with video..

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New Real Estate site MarinHome.TV just went live and are using video really well. We think the HD quality is so stunning that we are posting here for you all to see.

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If your into sailing you will know all about Cowes Week, the biggest event in the yachting calendar, which kicked off this week on the Isle of Wight. One website covering this event is www.extremesailingseries.com and they are using the vzaar video hosting service to power their video and using the video playlists to capture each days activities and highlights.

Are you using video playlists?…….More info on this vzaar feature here.

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Every so often we stumble across someone using video in a new and interesting way. One such customer is Denham The Jean Maker who have turned to video as a means of projecting their brand online. Whether that be through music, imagery or a simple story we liked what we saw so we spoke with Art Director, Ali Kirby at Denham who shared with us their creative story…

In one sentence what does Denhamthejeanmaker do?

Denham is primarily a jeans label built on experimentation and resourceful innovation. This is Jason Denham’s most fully realized personal vision but demonstrating his modest and sincere resolve to resist compromise

Why did you start to use video for your products? Any early learnings?

We started making videos to present new collections to sales agents at our bi-annual collection launch. These videos helped serve the purpose of visually explaining the processes involved in product design. Combined with relevant music. This interactive presentation got them enthused about the new collection. Video worked!

It was therefore a natural transgression to web for our end consumer to see the same videos. We learned very quickly that customers like to watch and appreciate the level of craft within each product so we set about creating content that matched that demand.

In terms of syndicating this content online we actually stumbled across vzaar whilst searching for a video hosting company that we could link into our site. What we like about vzaar is that the service recognizes the company’s that use vzaar do not necessarily want vzaar to self-advertise. Their integrity lies in respecting the online invisibility of the service they provide. This is unique.

Concerning the videos, what has the customer feedback been to date?

We get very positive feedback for the website. In the denim world, the Denham website is a unique attempt to lay bare the industrious and adventurous life in our office. And judging by the handy ‘hit list’ on our vzaar homepage it’s clear to see how many people are actually watching them.

Where would you like to go next with your video?

Our plans for 2010 are to continue as we left 2009! We’ve started to develop a style of video that supports the product. The product is the first and most important aspect of our brand. The videos serve as an education, and a visual diary of each garment’s construction. We plan for them to stay that way.

Who produces the content, any tips to share?

All content on the Denham website is produced in-house. We have a team of designers that also try their hand at video editing. Whilst this might not be the smoothest videos out there, the ‘hands-on’ approach is both modest and sincere. Top tip: don’t be afraid to confront established beliefs in design as even videos can start to read like books sometimes.

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The ElliptiGO is the world’s first outdoor elliptical road bike. The bicycle combines the best of running, cycling and the indoor elliptical trainer to deliver a high-performance, low-impact exercise experience. Bryan Pate, Co-Founder of ElliptiGO Inc., and a vzaar customer for some nine months now, told us that for such a must-see product, video is essential and that the “bottom line is that for our product the video is the absolute best way to communicate what we’ve created because the instant someone sees it in action they understand it. It’s almost impossible to convey our product through text or even pictures.” We let Bryan take up the story. So how have you embraced video? We primarily use video on the site. It purposefully dominates the homepage and screams play me! In addition we send out newsletters each month and many of the recipients come to the website to specifically watch the video. Whilst video-in-email remains an uncharted and unreliable marketing tactic, we do use the video on our iPhones and Blackberrys to facilitate explaining the bike in personal interactions. It’s like have a product demo in your pocket!

Tell us about the numbers Attributing success to one video is always hard when you first bring your website to market, but at ElliptiGO we’re not only delighted with the 133% increase in visits (doubling previous traffic) but significantly the 30% increase in average time spent on the site. We attribute much of these improvements to an initial redesign of our site and prominent placement of our homepage video. A further website redesign in November of this year resulted in an additional 18% increase in visits and a 50% increase in average time on site which underlines the work we have put into optimizing the positioning of the video and its call to action messaging. We added a call to action “Watch the 8S in action” and customers are doing just that we’re pleased to say. We signed up to the vzaar Platinum package that gives us an unbranded video player and permission to stream 125GB per month. That means we can comfortably stream over 1,000 views a month and leave room for those nice unexpected bumps in traffic you get as a result of direct marketing! Why vzaar? We did a lot of research on different media players. We found that vzaar provided the best suite of options for the cost. We were particularly interested in having an unbranded player that we could size to the exact dimensions we were looking for. vzaar provided that for us and we’re happy so far. Lights, Camera, Action! We worked with a videographer who is also a professional tri-athlete to shoot our videos. Nothing like having an expert in the field to help shape how we show the product’s benefits. You only have to watch the video to see it has been money well spent. In addition, she’s very reasonable – about $1,500 for a full day of shooting plus video production for two videos. Furthermore, this is just the start as the business has done two shoots with her now so we’re getting better at accomplishing what we want and getting the right shots and shooting at the right time of day. What next for video? We strongly believe that web-based video is far and away the best method of demonstrating our product. So much so that we are planning to expand the use of video on our website including in the customer service and support sections that we’re developing. Video plays track well with our overall traffic, so when there’s a spike in traffic, there’s a spike in plays. Furthermore we believe that everyone who has put down a deposit or invested in the company has watched the video, and that without the video we’d have no investors or customers from outside our headquarters region of San Diego, California. Video has allowed us to expand our geographies significantly. 2010 therefore promises to be an even more interesting year ahead as online video becomes more and more familiar and accessible.

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Trebor1 In the last week we were delighted to see vzaar’s video solution picked to host and stream video content for Trebor Mint’s latest product launch, Trebor Minty Gum. In the advert, Clinton, a trainee at Trebor, manages to invent an idea for a new Trebor mint gum during a press conference in a TV spot promoting the brands first foray into the chewing-gum market. The spot is the first of several installments, which all feature the mint people at Trebor in glorious video. The fully integrated television, print and online campaign has been created by ad agency Fallon Fallon have gone with our unbranded, borderless player and have added a final flourish by picking the green player that gives the video that fresh minty appeal that is so essential for the campaign. Ellie Bailey of Fallon told us > We selected vzaar for the quality of the video streaming available, their personal attention to clients and the customisability of the platform. For instance, we can skin all of our videos in Trebor-green players! The service is very easy to use, and unlike YouTube, I can ensure that the videos aren’t visible/searchable outside of our own websites. Get a taster for the promotion on the official Minty Gum website or enjoy the initial TV advert here: