vzaar is an online video company looking to service the needs to businesses. Think YouTube/Vimeo for business.

We’re looking to increase the features and functionality of our FLASH based video player. HTML5 might be all the rage right now with the cool kids, but for most of our market a simple easy to embed video player is rather important.

So I’m looking for someone who has some killer AS3 skills. Someone who can handle complex development and help really make some key improvements to the player. Both performance wise as well as feature & functionality wise.

Flash wise I’m definitely looking for a kickass flash AS3 coder and not a designer. Your coding skills are more important than design, animation or other flash skills. Of course other skills are a bonus.

Over the next three months or more we have quite a bit of flash work on the player, but as the work proceeds and we complete functionality and changes to the player, this will tail off. So I’m looking for someone with more than just AS3 skills.

Any of these others areas of skill will be of interest to us * Ruby on Rails * JavaScript * HTML/CSS * Sysops / UnixAdmisintration * Graphic Design The job is based in London (Clapham Junction)

About the package

The package will really depend on who you are and what skills you have. I’m pretty open to anyone with strong AS3 skills. I’m open to someone looking for a 3-6 month contract. Im open to someone looking for a full time role. The renumeration will vary greatly by your skill set and the type of position.

About vzaar

You will be working alongside a small team who are building a really cool video solution that allows online businesses, the world over, to stream video. At vzaar HQ, we are relaxed but professional. We make things happen individually and collectively. We have a diverse culture in the office and often debate what to put on Spotify and LastFM.

To apply

Email us at jobs at vzaar, subject line: AS3 Developer Please also include – CV – List of 3 of your favourite blogs and why you regularly visit them – Cover letter of why you want to work for vzaar

Please note – we’ll bin all applications that do not adhere to the above instructions