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Video marketing is one of those novelties that everyone’s really eager to embrace – but in the future. Maybe in 2-3 years?

Let’s be honest, it’s not the season’s trendy colour palette we’re talking about. In business, there are few rules but one that stands out sharply is very basic – be there or be forgotten.

So let me take you on a fact-finding journey to demonstrate why video marketing is not a buzzy trend. It’s just too powerful to be ignored.

#1 Have you heard of the new ‘no phones’ policy? Guess what, no one has. Long live the smartphones!


#2 You wanted to know the secret buying button… Now you have it, so play it. [Click here to tweet]


#3 Want to aim high? Choose your weapons wisely.

#4 If time flies fast, imagine how fast your business can fly if you take off now.


#5 In 2014, there were 2,925,249,355 Internet users in the world. So do your math. :)


#6 Don’t you just love to see the open rates soar? And it’s not even your family members doing the job.


#7 Give your customers something exceptionally nice and they will make sure everyone’s seen it. Simples. 


#8 The only piece of advice left is…use the advice. 


#9 We’re saving words.


Ready to talk video?

>> Check out vzaar’s solutions for your business. 


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#5 - Groupon Works; #6 - Syndacast; #7 - Invodo;  #8 - ReelSEO; 
#9 - Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester 

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To flip or not to flip? That is the question all modern educators are wrestling with.

If you’re on a hunt for a concise but thorough overview of the flipped classroom model, you are not alone.

The first time I came across the term, I immediately turned to Google for help. And I can assure you, I wasn’t the first one to do so. I asked Google Trends to prove that, too.




It’s quite an impressive graph, wouldn’t you agree?

Thousands of searches every month: the flipped classroom, flipped learning, how to flip, flipped lessons, flip classroom, etc. We’ve just got to know it all.

So what is the flipped classroom?

Well, it’s a technology-powered teaching model, when students watch mini-videos at home to prepare for tomorrow’s class. The approach is well-liked amongst both educators and students, because it frees up a lot of time in-class, which can be used for group projects, discussions and personalized class assignments that help students learn more deeply. [read the case study in the guide]

It’s also fairly new, so you can imagine the abundance of different opinions, examples and – wait for it – lack of all-encompassing sources.

How did I come about writing A Teacher’s Practical Guide to the Flipped Classroom?

When my Google search turned up “about 2,020,000 results” on the flipped classroom, I was thrilled.

Doesn’t a huge number of search hits indicate a colossal amount of knowledgeable resources? I thought my research would turn into a greatly enjoyable and well-caffeinated reading afternoon.

So off I went, swiftly hopping from tab to tab, lingering on relevant paragraphs like fairytale crumbles… It felt fantastic. For exactly half an hour. Then I realised I was neck-deep in fragmented bits of information and my Chrome had started showing signs of dramatic crash.

“Why isn’t there one comprehensive guide to grasp it all?”, I fumed.

By that time my research was turning into something tangible and really quite useful. So I took a little leap of faith and got in touch with some of the industry’s brightest experts to gauge their opinions and insights into the future of education. Their thoughts were more than illuminating.



It took me a couple of weeks of vigorous reading and analysing to get a well-rounded understanding of what the flipped classroom is all about. I decided to blend the insights I’ve gathered with the experts’ views and write up something that others would find useful, too. Time is money, we shouldn’t be left to drown in the abyss of Google search results. (Please remember to tell me if you found it useful.)

So, what’s in the guide?

It’s possible you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed by the whole flipping, blending, going hybrid buzz, so make yourself a cup of coffee and let us take your pain away. Perhaps, it’s time to just do flip it.

In the guide:

  • To flip or not to flip? An honest overview of benefits & risks
  • Leading industry experts’ insights into the role of video in education
  • A real-life case study of a flipped classroom
  • The ultimate checklist of things to consider before flipping
  • 12 Practical EdTech tools to make your life easier
  • Time-saving tips on crafting lesson plans for the flipped classroom

Download your copy now.

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The great teachers are always looking for new ways to engage their students. Although, you may have heard differently. Does the claim “technology will transform education” sound familiar? It certainly does to me.

Unlike the other sci-fi-tinged conversations, the topic of future education is not something I always enjoy.

You see, I don’t think that technology will transform the education. Sure, it will change the way we learn, but tech-savvy teachers are the only superheroes that have the power to break the back of the old system for good. Do you see where I’m going with this? Teachers + technology = Modern Education. That’s why what we really need to worry about is making teachers’ transition into the tech-powered classroom as smooth and easy as possible.

It seems that the flipped classroom model is one of the most popular and effective techniques amongst the innovating educators to experiment with technology. It’s also evident that the flipped classroom has become inherently associated with video and the possibilities that come with it.

What is the flipped classroom? How to start flipping? How to make a real impact on the way your students learn and engage with new content? You must have a lot of questions. Get them answered.




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