Hello, my name is Aaron and I’m the latest member of the vzaar team.

I joined on the 1st of April – no joke – as a web designer/developer as well to help maintain the social aspects of the company [vzaar blog, twitter etc… you know what I mean].

I am very excited to be joining as I got a very good impression as to what the company are trying to achieve when coming here a few weeks ago. Being passionate about all things web based, especially video, I hope my time at vzaar will help me develop my current skill set in order to help the company grow.

Here’s a few little ‘ice breaking’ facts about me, just so when you say hello, you don’t get that sense of awkwardness :

  • I come from the same town as The Darkness and Little Chris
  • I started making websites when I was 15
  • I’m left-handed
  • The first CD I bought was ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis
  • I support Norwich City F.C (and yes, I have met Delia Smith)

During the next few weeks, exciting ones at that, I’ll be posting interesting stuff that’s been going on here at vzaar towers.

Until next time,

Aaron J Rodgers