For those of you who missed the webinar on video encoding for the web you are in luck as it has been recorded and the video can be seen below. I have broken it into two parts. The first part was presented by Larry Kless and his piece is about 20 minutes long covering the fundamentals of video encoding. This includes all that you need to know about video compression as well as offering some tips and best practices for shooting video for the web. Want to know the difference between a codec and a container or learn about video formats then hear what Larry has to say.

The second part presented by Robert Reinhardt is being dubbed “Advanced” as Robert goes into more detail about video codec’s and goes into why he thinks x264 is important.He also gives an awesome demo of Handbrake a free downloadable desktop encoding application which is a handy tool to have. I personally use Handbrake all the time and I still learned a few things I did not know from Robert. This section also includes coverage of the Q&A session we had at the end of the webinar where some intersting topics were covered such as html 5 and the future of flash.

Also included is an iTunes podcast link for those who want to download the video podcast and a download link for those who want to download the actual video. Special thanks to Mark Robertson of Reelseo for all his help in not only making the Webinar happen but for his time in cutting the actual video. Reelseo is a great resource for all things related to video and online marketing. Last but not least a special thanks to Larry, Robert and Stella (Roberts Dog) for sharing their extensive knowledge on video encoding. Top notch chaps!!

VIDEO PODCAST DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Encoding Video for the Web Webinar Basic DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Encoding Video for the Web Webinar Advanced