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“I highly recommend vzaar for hosting your videos and would caution that while other video hosting companies claim to have superior technology, be very careful not to pay exorbitant prices for the same technology, service and quality that you find right here at vzaar for a much more reasonable cost.

Our site had been experiencing fairly good growth in traffic, and while growth is always a good thing it doesn’t come without a little pain. Our pain came in the high definition videos that we have on our website, we have about 50 videos which are the main selling point for our product and many of those videos are hosted at vzaar.

As our videos were being watched more and more and we quickly reached our quota on bandwidth at vzaar so we turned to our video technician who suggested we move to another video host. But after researching this other video host I didn’t find anything that convinced me this other video host was better than vzaar. When I explained our situation to Ian Snead at vzaar he quickly came up with the perfect solution to keep us at vzaar and even built in more than enough bandwidth in our account for plenty of future growth.”

Paul McGowan VP Web Services Farrell International

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1,000 companies use vzaar

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Today, vzaar reached this massive milestone and we are naturally very pleased with this achivement. We have worked hard and this will further inspire us to push forward and continue to make vzaar the best online video hosting service available. 1000 Companies use vzaar
A big thank you to all of our customers for trusting vzaar as your video platform. Over the years you have been instrumental in giving us important feed back which allows us to provide you with the features you need. This year we have released many features including playlists, an iPhone app, a bulk Uploader and many more. We now have over 30+ features and we are working on a another round that will be released soon.

We also owe much thanks and praise to two very special companies who have played a significant role in building the vzaar platform.

Harmony Park– A London based digital creative agency or as they call it a Cultural Construction Company. We discussed our idea with them (Andrew, Ebony, Mike) in 2007, when vzaar was a mere concept sketched out on a sheet of A4. Harmony Park took the idea and turned it into reality.

Applicake– A Ruby on Rails development agency. We love working with this bunch and we thank them for being simply awesome. The Applicakers are not short of creativity. Just look at this video they made.

In reflection, I am astonished by the diversity of online companies using video. When we started this company we thought vzaar would appeal to only a few verticals so it’s great to know we are reaching such a broad range of companies. Here is a list to show you what I am talking about. Business like these use vzaar everyday to improve their online business and onsite user experience.

Online Retail Schools Sports Teams Classifieds
Churches Real Estate TV Stations Dating Websites
Radio Stations Online Magazines Social Online Communities Bloggers
Personal Trainers Charities Web Apps Nutrition
Web Designers Auto Websites Digital Agencies Online Learning
Big Brands Government Agencies Gambling Sites Travel

While I am writing lists let me add the countries where some of these companies are based.

USA UK France Spain Italy Germany
Australia New Zealand Uruguay Argentina Venezuela Denmark
Sweden Norway Holland South Africa Russia China
Brazil Jamaica India Taiwan New Zealand Canada
Mexico Poland Israel Nigeria

On behalf of all the team at vzaar, we are extremely grateful for your custom and we look forward to a long continued relationship providing you with your online video hosting requirements.

Team vzaar

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