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New Video Screencasts

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Following on from the launch of our video tour screencast in January, we’ve produced some more for you guys. Three more in fact! These videos are part of our ever growing screencast series to help bring you up to speed with the vzaar video platform.

In this mini-series, you’ll get to grips with using Labels to help manage your videos as well as creating Video Playlists and Podcasts. You can also find these videos within our features pages.

We’d love to know what you think!



Episode 1: Manage your videos using labels

Episode 2: Create video playlists using labels

Episode 3: Create video podcasts using labels

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London UK. October 26, 2010. vzaar, (http://www.vzaar.com) the leading business video hosting service, today announced a new and improved video management interface for their online video platform.

The video management interface provides easy access to the most important player customisation settings improving the workflow enabling their customers to publish video online faster. Businesses can use the new vzaar interface to manage and customize their online videos even quicker than before with tools to set the player borders of various colors, create thumbnails, and view statistics on the videos performance.

vzaar Video Management Interface

image of vzaar video management interface

Boagworld Review “What impresses me so much about vzaar is that while other video platforms sit on their laurels, vzaar are constantly innovating and improving their service. Their stunning new interface is a classic example of this” said Paul Boag of leading web design blog Baogworld. “We have been testing the interface and are very impressed. We really liked the previous iterations for the vzaar video platform but this new and more powerful interface makes the process a whole lot simpler.”

Comments From vzaar CEO Stephen McCluskey “It is like our engineering staff never sleeps,” jokes Stephen McCluskey, CEO of vzaar “They are always thinking of new applications, features and capabilities that will help our eCommerce and business users be more efficient and get better results from their online videos. I am very proud of our engineering team. Even when they are in the pub, drinking ale and throwing darts, they are thinking of how to make the vzaar video platform more feature rich and more intuitive.”

About vzaar

vzaar is an online video hosting service for businesses who have video content they need published online. Unlike other free services, this premium service offers its customers complete control and ownership of their content. The company has positioned itself as a professional video hosting service providing a low cost service with an easy to use interface and serves 1,200 companies worldwide.

Founded in 2007, vzaar has its Headquarters in London, United Kingdom. For more information visit http://vzaar.com

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vzaar release iPhone App

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Press Release London, UK, June 15th 2010

Today, online video hosting platform vzaar released the vzaar video app for iPhones that enables their customers to update online video content while on the move.

Click to download on the app store vzaar, who’s customers include Toys”R”us and The Press Association claims this application will give its users the ability to upload and share content when mobile as well as manage and monitor video content.
This release comes on the back of the Objective-C Framework API that enables iPhone and iPad developers to build video apps for the Apple iFamily devices.

According to vzaar CEO Stephen McClusky, “We built this app to test our new objective-C framework that allows developers to use our video platform API when creating video apps for Apple mobile devices. We are very pleased with the outcome and it means our customers can upload video to their site directly from their mobile phones.”

The vzaar dev team have also released a little tool that syncs Twitter with Google Latitude which takes your last location from twitter (if you’re tweeting with location on) and sends it to Google Latitude every 5 minutes or so. Not related to video the tool called, location-sync, is a skunkworks project from the labs of vzaar. It can be seen on their labs site here.

The Apple Store provides more information on the iPhone application here.

For more information on the vzaar API visit the developer hub.

About vzaar vzaar is an online video hosting platform that provides an end to end video service for web applications, ecommerce website and internet publishers. Founded in 2007, vzaar has its Headquarters in London, United Kingdom. For more information visit http://vzaar.com

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Want to add video to your Drupal site

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Quick post on adding vzaar video to your Drupal site. This morning a vzaar customer posted some tips on how to add video to your Drupal site. If you are interested in knowing how see the link he/she posted here.

About Drupal Drupal.org is the official website of Drupal, an open source content management platform. Equipped with a powerful blend of features, Drupal supports a variety of websites ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites.

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vzaar welcomes Aaron…

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Hello, my name is Aaron and I’m the latest member of the vzaar team.

I joined on the 1st of April – no joke – as a web designer/developer as well to help maintain the social aspects of the company [vzaar blog, twitter etc… you know what I mean].

I am very excited to be joining as I got a very good impression as to what the company are trying to achieve when coming here a few weeks ago. Being passionate about all things web based, especially video, I hope my time at vzaar will help me develop my current skill set in order to help the company grow.

Here’s a few little ‘ice breaking’ facts about me, just so when you say hello, you don’t get that sense of awkwardness :

  • I come from the same town as The Darkness and Little Chris
  • I started making websites when I was 15
  • I’m left-handed
  • The first CD I bought was ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis
  • I support Norwich City F.C (and yes, I have met Delia Smith)

During the next few weeks, exciting ones at that, I’ll be posting interesting stuff that’s been going on here at vzaar towers.

Until next time,

Aaron J Rodgers

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