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Industry: Media
Video Strategy: Information & Entertainment Videos

How the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust uses online video to engage the deaf community... read more.

Industry: Online Publisher
Video Strategy: Information & Education Videos

How BigTrends delivers high quality on demand education videos to its growing subscriber base... read more.

Industry: Online Publisher
Video Strategy: Information Videos

How Asiana uses video to grow its audience and generate revenue... read more.

Industry: B2B
Video Strategy: Training videos

How LearningZen delights clients by incorporating video into its private training portals... read more.

Industry: Sports Marketing
Video Strategy: Sports videos, training videos

How Red Onion Creative use video to market sports teams and enhance player development... read more.

Industry: eLearning
Video Strategy: Training Videos, Promotional Videos

How Three Minute Trainer delivers high quality video training that learners love... read more.

Industry: eLearning
Video Strategy: Instructional video clips

How ImprovEducation delivers engaging & educational video content to schools... read more.

Industry: Digital Communications Agency
Video Strategy: Managing client videos, video showreels

How TNR Communications distributes its clients’ video stories... read more.

Industry: Digital Publishing
Video Strategy: Demonstration Videos

How Gamer Guides produce great quality video assistance for games... read more.

Industry: Digital Marketing Agency
Video Strategy: Managing client videos

How Parallax built an innovative CMS for client videos with the vzaar API... read more.

Industry: Education Marketing Agency
Video Strategy: Educational videos for clients

How EBC Education manages educational video strategies for major corporate brands all over the world... read more.

Industry: Online publisher
Video Strategy: Monetizing video content

Spine-health.com deliver informative content to over 2.8 million visitors each month... read more.

Industry: Digital Marketing
Video Strategy: Event promotion

How BrightonSEO promote digital marketing conferences using video...read more.

Industry: eLearning, Exercise
Video Strategy: Video tutorials, promotional videos

How Reflexion Yoga use video to teach students all over the world... read more.

Industry: Financial Services
Video Strategy: Online seminars

How the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment support members' learning & development with video... read more.

Industry: Video Production
Video Strategy: Client video review, video showreels

How CreationVideo delights clients with online video... read more.

Industry: eCommerce
Video Strategy: Product demonstration videos

How Illamasqua increased sales with product demonstration videos... read more.

Industry: Finance
Video Strategy: Quality, dynamic content

How Callahan & Associates are using video to respond to changing market needs... read more.

Industry: Technology
Video Strategy: Personalised messages for sales prospects

How PropsalAppTM are using video to revolutionise the sales industry... read more.

Industry: Video Production
Video Strategy: Client Video Showcase

How Three Motion use vzaar to showcase their video portfolio to clients... read more.

Industry: Education
Video Strategy: eLearning videos

How Warwick Business School use video to transform the learning experience... read more.

Industry: e-Learning
Video Strategy: Online training videos

How Black Spectacles Built The World's First Online Learning Platform For Architecture And Design... read more.

Industry: Technology
Video Strategy: Training video management

How Playbook Builder™ enable their clients to build, manage and share video training manuals... read more.

Industry: Ecommerce
Video Strategy: Promotional videos, product videos, how-to guides

How JustBats.com use a range of promotional videos to engage users and improve customer experience... read more.

Industry: Media
Video Strategy: User generated video testimonials

For user-generated video platform Bravo, video is their business. They provide companies (and their customers) with the means to record, review and share videos - privately and securely - via video portals, social networks, product review sites... read more.

Industry: Video Production
Video Strategy: Marketing videos, Video hosting reseller

Not only does the team at Butchers Hook Video Productions have a deep appreciation of the power of online video, their entire business model depends on... read more.

Industry: Recreation, Sports Facilities
Video Strategy: Marketing videos

TopGolf is not your typical golf facility, but an innovative golf experience that combines friendly competition with great food and cocktails. Although golf... read more.

Industry: Media, Finance
Video Strategy: Sales videos, editorial videos

MoneyWeek is the UK’s best selling financial magazine. The weekly publication features thought-provoking articles and guidance from finance industry experts... read more.

Industry: Education, Medicine
Video Strategy: Educational video subscriptions

Feeling a little rusty on your Myocardial Contractility? Need to brush up on your Hemodynamics? A $399 payment will get you a year’s worth of access to... read more.

Industry: Ecommerce, Floral
Video Strategy: Video Messaging, marketing videos

Arena Flowers is one of the UK's leading online florists. By sourcing flowers directly from suppliers throughout the world and employing their own team of trained... read more.

Industry: Ecommerce, Sporting Goods
Video Strategy: Product videos

Mark Stewart, CEO of StewartGolf.com, an international manufacturer and retailer of push and motorized golf trolleys and accessories, has recognized... read more.

Industry: Marketing, Real Estate
Video Strategy: Video real estate listings

With a business based on digital design, Bite CP - a vibrant, creative marketing agency - needed a top class video hosting platform not just for their own website...read more.

Industry: Creative Agency
Video Strategy: Reselling to clients

Sam Evans, head of Digital for Bite CP, said good delivery of video and animated content was the "lifeline" of his company's business, and therefore the choice of... read more.

Industry: Education, Photography
Video Strategy: marketing videos and DVD bonus material

Karl Taylor has been a professional photographer for over 15 years and has traveled the globe on assignments for some of the world's most successful companies... read more.

Industry: Technology
Video Strategy: Internal Communications, Tutorials, Marketing

"No more long, cumbersome marketing documents - no more boring presentations. Video is how companies and business should communicate," says Mark Leaser, IBM... read more.

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