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Twitter to Google Latitude Syncer

Get your Google Latitude updated every time you tweet!

Aren’t vzaar video guys?
Yes, this is a little labs project we did for fun. We did this to promote the Objective C library for our video api.
See below for more info.
What does it do?
We take your last location from twitter (if you’re tweeting with location on) and send it to Google Latitude every 5 minutes or so.
What do I have to do?
You need to authorise us with Twitter and Google. We do the rest.
We use oAuth, and never see your password. You can revoke our access to your accounts at any time, either on here or on Google.

Calling all iPhone, iPad and Mac Developers

  • vzaar now has an Objective C library

  • Build video services right into your next iPhone or iPad application

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Who is vzaar...

vzaar is the video platform for businesses and professionals. We offer an end to end service for businesses to use video online. We also have and API for developers to build their own video services using the vzaar platform.

Why we did this...

We recently released an Objective C vzaar API library for Apple developers. We also saw that Google had released an API for their Latitude service. We thought it would fun to provide a serviced that linked the two, as a way of promoting our Objective C lib. So we did.

What this does...

Once you have authorised your google and twitter accounts we check your twitter feed periodically and take your last location on twitter and send it to google latitude every 5 mins. That's it. Nothing more nothing less. You can stop the service at any time by revoking your authorisations.

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