eBay.co.uk Half-Price Listing Day on Thursday

If you’re looking for a good reason to list your first eBay items using vzaar, then Thursday’s Half Price Listing Day on eBay.co.uk might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.
With listing fees starting at 2p (there are a number of eligibility criteria so be sure to read the Ts and Cs) it’s a good opportunity to experiment with some new lines or shift old stock.
On a cheap listing day lots of sellers will say that the increased number of listings means that their auctions and BINs get lost in the influx. So it’s necessary to stand out from the crowd to get your share of the buying action. A video could be just what you’re after: it helps buyers make that all important buying decision and gives them a better understanding of what you’re selling.
Of course, vzaar is free every day so dust off the digital camera and sharting shooting those videos and prepare to list a bumper batch of items this Thursday.
Never listed with vzaar before? Why not check out our video that explains how easy vzaar is to use.

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