Case Study: How TradingHD Uses Video to Provide Expert Training Material for Retailers and Investors

With educators featured in Forbes and Sky News, TradingHD provides videos to throw some light and high quality education into the retail financial services industry.

Neria Konrad, CEO of TradingHD explains: “Combining the expertise of our high profile instructors, TradingHD is the first trading and investment education company in the world to offer premium quality education tailored for individual retail traders and investors.”

Neria continues, “Videos are the main tool for us to provide trading and investing education to our customers. It’s a must that videos are in high quality, fastly buffering and can be displayed on any device.”

When choosing a video hosting platform, TradingHD had quite a few criteria to tick:

Video Security At An Affordable Price

“We were looking for a company, which is reliable for hosting services and can ensure that videos can be kept safe. We did not find any other company, which could provide high-level services and guarantee the security of our videos at a reasonable price for a start-up.”

“In our industry, videos are stolen frequently. However, we have avoided all the possible accidents because of the domain control feature.”

Personal Support

Great customer support, multi-device and fast streaming ensures that our customers are happy with the service and so we are happy with vzaar at TradingHD. Your service helps us deliver our product to the customer smoothly as well as protects it.

Neria konrad

Neria Konrad, TradingHD

Easy Video Management

“The platform is easy to navigate and the choices are clearly visible. All necessary features and tools are at the right places.”

Multi-User and Easy Video Replacement

“Multi-user function allows our team to help each other when urgent video upload is needed. Replace an existing video on our platform without needing to re-embed is a great option, which saves our development team’s time.”

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