Case Study: How Dressage Naturally Empowers Equestrians to Achieve Harmony With Their Horses

Prioritising the happiness and love between horses and their owners, Dressage Naturally provides online training resources, books and videos to train equestrians in dressage around the globe. Dressage Naturally is growing rapidly as equestrians become more familiar and comfortable with remote training.

Founder, Karen Rohlf, explains: “Dressage Naturally creates learning resources for equestrians that empower them to get more results in harmony with their horses. Our method combines the principles of partnership-based training with the athletic art of dressage.”

Dressage Naturally needed a video hosting platform they could rely on to deliver high-quality videos to their subscribers and fantastic customer support.

I researched video hosting options online, and chose vzaar because of the features, usability, customer service, and the rave reviews we read.

It is important to me to be able to reach out and talk to a human when I need to and vzaar has always been there for me!

Karen rohlf

Karen Rohlf, Dressage Naturally


“Our business really relies on our ability to deliver quality video. We hosted with another company in the past and it was very frustrating to us and our customers. If the videos don’t play, we lose customers! vzaar has been incredibly reliable.”

Customer Support

“Another hugely important factor for me is customer support. Whenever I have a question I am not only able to get help, but I feel like I have my own personal assistant! vzaar’s service also extends to MY customers. If my customers ever have trouble viewing from their equipment, I can send them directly to vzaar and I know they will get immediate and excellent assistance.”

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