Case Study: How Skillfoundry Uses Video to Spark Understanding in Electricity Students

Skillfoundry supports young electricians through college with learning videos on Electrotechnology.

Offered to lecturers and students enrolled in college, the videos break down complex circuits into animated diagrams and demonstrations. Viewers can pause, rewatch and review the videos so they can nail the theory that supports the essential craft skills.

Founder Nick Turner came up with the idea when he was at college himself, studying electrical installation. He found that the talking heads videos assumed too much prior knowledge and didn’t effectively show the inner workings of the circuits, so he set up a resource of his own.

From a single set of videos guiding students step by step through electrical circuit Verification Tests, Skillfoundry now boasts a collection of over 100 videos. These show and explain all the insight needed alongside a college course, from testing a new installation to depicting the inner workings of circuits and electrical components.

According to Nick, “Electricity is quite an abstract subject, you can’t see it, smell it (and you should not be touching it!); clear diagrams can help explain what is going on but animated diagrams help much more as they can tell a story. Colleges tell me that today students do not engage with traditional textbooks. The aim is for Skillfoundry to become the go to textbook for the Youtube generation of electrical students – a video resource supporting their studies.”

When choosing a video hosting platform for his videos, Nick prioritises reliability and secure streaming.

I chose vzaar as it offered good value and has the features I was looking for, in particular the choice of secure streaming or download delivery. The reasonable cost of vzaar enabled me to start this venture with a low cost base.

Nick turner

Nick Turner, Founder, Skillfoundry

He continues, “Reliability of service is paramount, as colleges are paying for access to the video resources. Plus the ability to deliver the volume of traffic when say a class of 30 are all logged on at the same time. There have been no complaints!”

Easy Video Management

“I do find vzaar easy to use. The control panels are clear and straightforward and any questions I’ve had have been answered quickly.”

Video Interactivity

“I have made a lot of use of the ‘Chapter’ and ‘Quiz’ functions in the Javascript API; this makes it easy to present the 3 sections of the films about Circuit Testing (Theory, the Practical and completing the Test Results paperwork) as one video but allows the student to jump straight to the section they want to view and then check their understanding with the Quiz. I’ve had very positive feedback about these features.”

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