vzaar is a great alternative to brightcove

More Affordable. Better Support. Easier To Use

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#01 More affordable

We offer more than double the bandwidth for less than half the price.

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We chose vzaar because it provided a reasonable limit on bandwidth and price. A lot of other solutions were priced significantly higher.

Steven Rubin

Steven Rubin

Online Experience Manager, Callahan & Associates

#02 Personalised support

vzaar offers assistance with any video strategy, no matter how large or small.

vzaar's sales and support team are extremely helpful and friendly, something which was missing from the Brightcove service. As time went on we received less personal support from Brightcove, whereas with vzaar we have an account manager to support us. A little help really does go a long way.

Art Of The Guillotine Founder

Gordon Burkell

Art Of The Guillotine Founder

#03 Easier to use

No learning curve, no training.
vzaar focuses on making the essentials quick and easy.

  • Hosting

  • Security

  • Delivery

  • Promotion

Do you have lots of videos already uploaded to a Brightcove account?

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