Smart Pension is a recent UK startup that aims to make auto enrolment as easy as possible for businesses. Auto enrolment is a scheme developed by the UK government which compels UK businesses to provide their employees with a workplace pension. Smart Pension makes it super quick and easy for a company to create a workplace pension for its employees and become compliant with auto enrolment law – for free! Read more

Ovation is a performance improvement agency which delivers genuinely successful recognition and engagement incentives to employees. Its global SaaS and mobile solutions allow teams to recognize and reward the desired behaviors of employees to drive engagement and deliver returns. Read more

Yantra Digital is a development agency which offers consultancy in various digital areas. From defining strategy to tech development, its team of over 30 consultants, strategists and developers help businesses to implement and support web and mobile applications. Read more

CreationVideo provides video production and webcasting to corporate and healthcare clients. Established in 1993, when the Internet was in its infancy, the team at CreationVideo quickly realized the enormous potential of web video as a medium for training, sales and marketing. Read more

TNR is a specialist content, PR and broadcast agency with clients ranging from Paddy Power to Lottery to the Museum of London. Read more