Manage video library

How to Manage Your Videos As Your Library Grows

The past several years have seen a significant increase in the size of video libraries. This has been driven by the natural build-up of content from publishers and courseware from eLearning organisations and also by the emergence and growth of video-intensive businesses.

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Is It Worth Using YouTube and an Enterprise Video Platform Together?

You don’t have to look very hard to find an article arguing the case against using YouTube to host business videos. There are even a few that are in favour of YouTube being used for premium video content. But what about the middle ground?
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5 expectations of a video uploader

5 Expectations You Should Have of a Video Uploader

Uploading may not seem the most exciting link in the online video chain, but, let’s face it, without it there would be no video content available at all online. There’s nothing particularly interesting or complicated about uploading one short clip. But more and more video-intensive businesses are uploading longer-form content or uploading multiple videos in batches. Read more

vzaar Fireside Chat: Uploader Update

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vzaar Fireside Chat: Player Update

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