# Product News

Looking Ahead to 2009 with the eBay Eight Ball!

Everyone likes presents at Christmas…especially unexpected ones!

Last week the [eBay Developer Team](http://developer.ebay.com/) contacted us out, like the Secret Santas they are, to say that we had won a special eBay prize. Yeh!
To celebrate the 8th anniversary of the eBay API platform some Third Party Services have been recognised for their involvement in the rather cool initiative, [Project Echo](http://developer.ebay.com/echo/), which vzaar will be a part of in 2009. So over the weekend we excitedly wondered what might be winging its way across the Atlantic to vzaar HQ – I for one couldn’t sleep last night.

And here is it, our very own office Magic 8 ball. Have a look at the video to see what we asked of it…

So with one eye on 2009 and the business year ahead perhaps there is a question you’d like answered? If so then drop us a line or post a response to this blog and we’ll turn to the all seeing, all knowing, Magic 8 ball.

15_1.gif (GIF Image, 216x215 pixels)