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The great vzaar video player border debate

Not since Barack Obama faced off against John McCain late last year has a debate been so intense. Well in the vzaar offices that is.
We’ve been debating (heavily) a change to the default player to offer one that is borderless (or what is sometimes known as chromeless)
Currently we have what I think is a really nice clean player with a border that helps it stand out. Our video guy (Ian) thinks the border-less player is a better option as it allows customers to blend it into their own look more easily.
We thought it was best to see what you, are users thought. Take a look at two players below the poll and vote. Feel free to drop us a line or leave some comments if you have any thoughts you would like to share.
We’re just thinking about changing the default player, the one you get automatically. You’ll of course be able to change this either way if you choose to. When we know what you, our users choice is well set this all up correctly.
Of course the free player either way will still have branding on it, and if everyone wants the borderless one we’ll need to figure out how we’ll do the free player branding. But mot importantly, we just want your thoughts on which player type you would prefer.
So have a look below, and give us your vote!

Player 1: Bordered Player (current player)

Player 2: Borderless Player (proposed player)