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vzaar Study Shows The Positive Impact Video Has On Small Online Businesses

Although there has been much hype published on the internet on the merits of online video for commerce, there is little actual data to back it up. It’s a difficult task to report actual conversions rates using video versus not using video, as larger companies guard this type of data and are not willing to share.
We therefore decided to take on the task, and report on how a few small businesses that use online [product videos](http://vzaar.com/videos) were getting on. (The full report can be downloaded at the bottom of this post)
It is often the case in challenging economic conditions, such as these, the small business that usually falls. Not so for these four companies, who were kind enough to share with me some data and experiences, which provide some insight into how their businesses are responding to the addition of online video to their web stores.
[**Equip2clean**](http://equip2clean.co.uk), one of these companies, who started using video after being urged by eBay and Google keynote speeches at various trade shows, reported its best month of trading in February 2009, and attributes its success to the product videos they create.
Jonathan Paxton, the owner of this commercial cleaning equipment company comments.
“*Our eBay sales immediately doubled on the products we listed video with. Our Big advantage is that most of our cleaning products sell well on video – we actually show them in use cleaning – we don’t talk too much about technical specification – we just let the customer see what it can do.*”
Another company in the study, [**Diamond Jewellery United**](http://diamondjewelryunited.com) based in Antwerp Belgium, saw their sales increase by 65% four months after implementing product videos.
“*Nearly all major websites only place a picture of a model, therefore leaving the buyer not sure what they are getting until they actually receive the diamond, and therefore resulting in a average of 30% returns amongst online jewellers. We have found that our videos give the customers a good idea of what they will be getting and thus our return rates are about 12%*.” says Stephen Grunhut, the companies managing director.
Two other business in the study, [**Industry Recycles**](http://industryrecycles.com) who sell second hand equipment, saw an increase in sales over 12 months by over 307%, and [**Yesil**,](http://yesil.co.uk) an online furniture website, saw a 50% increase in web traffic transferring to a rise of 30% in sales over the same period.
If you have any results you would like to share please do. We would like to hear them. We are also keen to hear of any challenges you faced with video production and what you did to overcome them as Stephen Grunhut has done in the report.
For the complete case study download here: case study small businesses selling online with video.pdf
Thanks again to [Equip2clean](http://equip2clean.co.uk) (UK), [Diamond Jewellery United ](http://diamondjewelryunited.com)(Belgium), [Industry Recycles ](http://industryrecycles.com)(USA) & [Yesil ](http://yesil.co.uk)(UK) for your time and data.