# Events

Start To Sell Online – Come Speed Pitching with vzaar

Next Friday June 4th, Video Guy and myself will be joining a number of other businesses at the first [Start To Sell Online](http://starttosellonline.co.uk/) seminar in Reading, Berkshire. The event is aimed at introducing traditional businesses to the world of selling online or for those who are already online but want to expand their operations.
vzaar are down on the agenda to talk about rich media and in particular how video can hep you sell online. Best to stick to what we know eh?!
What I really like is that after a 10 minutes Dragons Den style pitch, we get to meet each of the local businesses attending in what has been billed as a speed dating meets round table discussions. Should be interesting.
Other speakers include eBay, Royal Mail and Lloyds Banking Group and the whole event has been put together by the good man Chris Dawson of [Tamebay](http://www.tamebay.com/) fame and his cohort John Pemberton of [Give Me Designer Clothes](http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/A-Designer-Clothes-Shop__W0QQ_armrsZ1).
If you fancy coming along or would like to know more you can see [details here](http://starttosellonline.co.uk/)