# vzaar FAQ

Advanced Player Settings Tip # 2: Borderless Players

Among all the new features we’ve released we’re confident one of the most commonly used will be the new borderless player feature. Earlier this year we had a hunch in the office that many of our users would be soon asking for a player that had no border so we put it to you guys to let us know just what you wanted. [The feedback was pretty overwhelming](http://vzaar.com/blog/2009/02/the-great-vzaar-video-player-border-debate) and so the next dilemma then became, do we make borderless the default option or not.
In the end, we decided to still give Bronze and above users the choice, but we felt that defaulting to the traditional grey vzaar player remained the strongest option. The grey and black colours blend well on nearly all sites that we have seen to date.
But rightly you businesses want more control, more say, more design options, particularly given the care, attention and resource that you put into your own websites. So that’s why if you need a player that looks slightly slimmer and you think your appearance will benefit from the clean, crisp, simple right angles of a player without borders then now you can have just that!

To generate a player without borders you simply need to [upgrade](http://vzaar.com/pricing) to a Bronze user or above. You can log in and [set your Advanced Player Settings](http://vzaar.com/settings) to “Border Off” at any time and all future videos uploaded will be served without the 14 pixel wide border.