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Advanced Player Settings Tip # 4: Brand Text

In the last week we have been introducing some of the new vzaar player settings such as [Borderless Players](http://vzaar.com/blog/2009/07/advanced-player-settings-tip-2-borderless-players), an array of [player border colours](http://vzaar.com/blog/2009/07/player-colours-suit-your-brand) and the [Do Not Encode](http://vzaar.com/blog/2009/07/advanced-player-settings-do-not-encode) feature.
Next in line is a subtle new feature that we are confident will give you more control over the customer viewing experience as it allows you to now add branding and a web link directly to your vzaar player.
In the settings page you will see a feature called Brand Text that allows you to do two things
1. Add text or company branding to the video player (instead of the default *powered by vzaar*) to further promote your business brand or strapline.
2. Add a web address (URL) so that when the brand text is clicked, the viewer is taken to a page of your choice.


From a commercial point of view you can see how this could benefit the user experience. Now its possible, as in the example below, to allow a customer to listen to a song or video and then go directly to the page on which they can purchase that item. Alternatively if the video is already displayed on the transaction page, then why not link to your business policies, FAQs or customer service page.

Secondly, if you use your videos on other sites such as forums, blogs and auction platforms, why not use the brand text feature to drive that all important buying traffic back towards your own website for free!