# Product News

Fallon pick vzaar for the launch of Trebor’s New Minty Gum

In the last week we were delighted to see vzaar’s video solution picked to host and stream video content for Trebor Mint’s latest product launch, Trebor Minty Gum.
In the advert, Clinton, a trainee at Trebor, manages to invent an idea for a new Trebor mint gum during a press conference in a TV spot promoting the brands first foray into the chewing-gum market.
The spot is the first of several installments, which all feature the mint people at Trebor in glorious video. The fully integrated television, print and online campaign has been created by ad agency [Fallon](http://www.fallon.co.uk)
Fallon have gone with our [unbranded](http://vzaar.com/features/unbranded_players), [borderless](http://vzaar.com/features/player_border_options) player and have added a final flourish by picking the [green player](http://vzaar.com/features/player_colours) that gives the video that fresh minty appeal that is so essential for the campaign.
Ellie Bailey of Fallon told us
> *We selected vzaar for the quality of the video streaming available, their personal attention to clients and the customisability of the platform. For instance, we can skin all of our videos in Trebor-green players! The service is very easy to use, and unlike YouTube, I can ensure that the videos aren’t visible/searchable outside of our own websites.*
Get a taster for the promotion on the official [Minty Gum website](http://themintpeople.co.uk/?campaign_id=gose) or enjoy the initial TV advert here: