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We love Vimeo too…

We love Vimeo. We really do. They’re inspirational to us. We have however noticed a recent increase in ex-vimeo users switching to vzaar & I felt a post on the difference between the two services was just.


For those of you that have not heard of Vimeo, it’s is a community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make. They provide awesome tools and their video quality is exceptional. We are big fans of their work, and think that they do a really good job. [Mauricio](http://vzaar.com/about), our design dude, really rates their user workflow and believes it sets the standard for usability across all service websites. If you are a film maker or a creative individual making creative videos/films, this is a perfect site for you.
If, however, you are a business and want to use video to sell or promote a product or service then this is not the service for you as they don’t allow this sort of content. Here is a link to their [terms of use](http://www.vimeo.com/guidelines).

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vzaar, on the other hand, is all about business. We want you to use our service to shout and scream about your products and services. If you are a creative, you can use vzaar too but vimeo may have more features for your creative needs. Similarly, our features are built with business in mind. A good example of this is the [Brand text](http://vzaar.com/features/brand_text_link) option that allows you to add a tag line and like to your video player.
To compliment this post we have created a [special page](http://vzaar.com/about/vimeo) that welcomes any Vimeo users who fall into the “commercial video” category.
All the best,
video guy
PS….. Big thank you to the [girls of TNR](http://tnrcommunications.co.uk/about) for allowing us to use their awesome video promoting the launch of Speedo’s FASTSKIN LAZER RACER for the above mentioned “special page”.