# Product News

Make Money with vzaar’s Affiliate Program

> *Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts*.
For some months we’ve been running a trial affiliate program with a handful of publishers and based on the feedback to date we are now pleased to announce the launch of our official program. Publishers can [sign up for this as of today](http://vzaar.com/about/affiliates).
**Can I be an Affiliate?**
If you have a website, blog or publish content to the internet then yes you can! Perhaps you want to review the vzaar service for your readers? If you trade on eBay perhaps you want to highlight how you can add video to your eBay listings or the Twitterers amongst us might want to drop us into some of the video and tech conversations.
**How do I get paid?**
With the vzaar affiliate program you can place a variety of banners, advertisements or simple text links that when clicked will track the subsequent behavior of the visitor. If that visitor goes on to sign up to vzaar and become a registered or paying user then we will pay you the equivalent fee for the first month of their tenure on vzaar. So for example, if that user signs up in the month to our Silver package then we will pay you $25 for that new customer.
**So what do I do?**
1. Log in to our [Affiliate Centre](http://vzaar.com/about/affiliates) with your normal vzaar username. If you don’t have one you can sign up for free [here](http://vzaar.com/signup)
2. Review the Terms & Condition and submit your PayPal address so that we can pay you!
3. Pick the marketing banners you want to utilise on your site – we run a number of different sizes and logos for your choice.
It’s that easy. vzaar then pays out at the end of every month for each paying customer you generate via your affiliate links.