# Product News

New: Video Thumbnail Picker

thumb asset
We are pleased to announce today the launch of our new video thumbnail feature – available to all [vzaar](http://vzaar.com) customers.
Called *Thumbnail Picker*, the feature allows you to pick, video by video, a [thumbnail](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thumbnail) from the video to act as the opening video image (displayed before play is hit). Up until today, vzaar had generated a thumbnail from the 25th frame which is approximately one second into the video. This new feature means you can now pick any image from any part of the video. Cool eh?
**How do I update my thumbnails?**
1. Log into [vzaar](http://vzaar.com) and pick your video from your My Videos page by clicking the Manage button.
2. Scroll through the video to the frame you want as your thumbnail and make a note of the number of seconds into the video that frame appears at.
3. Enter those seconds into the thumbnail generator feature to the right hand side and hit the generate button.
**Can I pick a default thumbnail?**
Yes you can. In your [settings page](http://vzaar.com/settings), you can select a default time (in seconds) and vzaar will automatically generate the thumbnail for all future videos uploaded based on that time. Needless to say you can still amend any video thumbnail uploaded individually.
thumbnail settings
vzaar will automatically set that to be the thumbnail. If you select 0 seconds then the system will pick the 1st frame.
*Please note that it may take several minutes for the previous thumbnail to be cleared from the cache. The thumbnail will update automatically when it occurs.*