# Video Marketing

Consume Video On The Go With Video Podcasting

Another week, another new feature for our users to enjoy!

This time we’ve been playing around with new ideas on allowing users to increase the syndication of their video content. We already offer enable users to submit their content to Google search results with Search Enhancer and now by adding Video Podcasting, customers will be able to watch and consume your videos through iTunes or mobile devices such as the iPhone or the iPod.

A simple feature to use, vzaar provides all paying customers, with a simple RSS feed that when clicked will fire up iTunes on the customer’s device and automatically download your latest feed of videos in mp4 format. The customer will then be able to play and view those videos either directly through iTunes or by copying that content across to their iPhone, iPod or iTouch. That means video on the go – cool eh?!

Detailed instructions on how to use this feature can be seen here.

Submitting Your Podcast to iTunes

If you want to submit your video feed to the iTunes library then that is also possible. You can follow steps on how to do this here.

Technical Notes

1. The videos will be downloaded in mp4 format.
2. The customer will now have a saved copy of your video on their PC.
3. Different Apple products (ie iPhone, Apple TV etc) have different specifications for viewing video. It is therefore possible that certain versions of your video, for example a HD video, or a video of a certain size, will not play. You can review these specifications, product by product here.