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New Encoding Settings Control

vzaar Encoding SettingsEncoding is an important process when uploading video online. We encode your video from the many formats out there to the MP4 video format. We also offer the option to encode to the FLV format but MP4’s play on the iPhone and iPad and is widely considered a better quality format so we default to this. The FLV option we offer uses the h.263 codec, an older codec that was the used when YouTube first launched and preceded h.264. A full list of the video formats our encoders support can be found here. There are two factors to consider when encoding online video; video quality and video file size. They are both connected, just like a see saw. Increase the quality and you increase the file size and visa a versa.

We have a default setting we apply to your video on upload. This default setting is one that we tested and selected on the basis that it was the right balance of quality and file size. It also takes into consideration the player size you select. As we encode to these dimensions ensuring optimal quality. (We do not stretch the video) This week we rolled out a new feature that gives you the option to control your encoding setting. You don’t have to, as its always reset to our default settings, but if you want to increase the quality of your videos or reduce the file size then you can.

Read more about this feature here on our help page.

If you are concerned about your monthly bandwidth usage then one thing to consider is reducing the file size of your video(s). You can do this by re-encoding the video and adjusting the encoding settings to a smaller file size. This will also reduce the quality but it in some cases it may not even be noticeable to the naked eye. This is ideal for recorded video webinars that are long in length.