# vzaar FAQ

Advanced Player Branding Tips…

Aaron Rodgers

We recently added a Brand Overlay tool that allows you to brand your player with any image or logo. We have always had a Video Watermarking tool that actually encodes an image into the video. Watermarking is however geared towards security and digitally stamping your content where as the Brand Overlay is more of a branding and creative tool.

Aaron, one of our funky designers, has been playing around with this new tool and has come up with some advanced techniques on how you can create eye catching effects. Allowing you to do things a little out of the ordinary!!

In addition to Brand Overlay some of the video player parameters have been edited to aid in the effects. Things like turning off the control bar and making the video loop and auto play. Here is a link where you can find a list of player parameters available.

Video In Computer Screen

I created this effect by overlaying an image of the same size as the video and used Photoshop to cut out the viewable area of the computer screen where the video is now playing.

Video Vignette

Another example is the vignette. I’m actually in the page.. woooo spoooky! If you have access to photoshop, an effect like this will only take a few minutes.

David, who heads our Customer Support team, tapped into his creative skills too. He loves this new feature came up with a couple of cool effects of his own.

Video in iPhone Screen

Using this style of overlay, you can make it look like your video is playing back inside the screen of an iPhone.

I found an image of the iPhone, removed the screen in the middle and saved it as a PNG. I then simply uploaded it, and used the overlay tool to place it over my video.

Video In Picture Frame

This is picture frame effect show you how you can give your player borders of any kind.

Feel free to create your own effect and post the url in the comment box below of where the video is published. We would love to see and share your creations.