# vzaar FAQ

Tips and tricks on vzaar player customisation

The vzaar player has a range of options for customising its appearance and functionality. Many of these can be controlled from the video settings pages, but they can also be set directly by amending the embed code.

Individual settings controlling, for example, the colour scheme or autoplay, can be set by adding various parameters to the flashvars section of the embed code. Below are some examples of the way these parameters can be used to customise the vzaar player. The vzaar knowledge base has a full list of the available flashvars.

Colour scheme

vzaar provides eight main colour schemes that can be easily applied from the settings page. However, it is also possible to base all of the elements of the player on any colour you choose by passing a hex value to the colourBase and colourAccent parameters (e.g. colourBase=#75a71e). These two values can be used separately or together to produce a colour scheme that perfectly complements the palette of your website.


Controlling how people interact with the vzaar player can be used in a variety of ways to provide you with more options for the way you present your video content. For example, by using the hideControls, disableControls and autoplay variables, you can display your video without it being obviously part of a player at all. If you are using transparency in your video, this can further enhance the seamless integration of the vzaar player with your website. (Other flashvars useful affecting video controls include hideFullscreen, showPlayButton and looping.)


The vzaar player supports a wide range of characters, allowing you to add brand text or end screen text in any language you want.

The text used in the player has also been translated into an ever expanding number of languages. This can be set by passing the language flashvar into the player (e.g. language=en). There is a list of currently supported languages in our knowledge base. If you would like to add a language that is not currently supported, we have a language submission form that allows you to enter all of the text that is used in the player.


Playlists are a useful way of presenting different videos together without having to embed multiple versions of the vzaar player in your page. The position of the playlist can be controlled using the playlistMode parameter.

If you would like subsequent videos in your playlist to play automatically, you can use the continousPlay flashvar. This is particularly useful if your content is divided over multiple video chapters or if your content is intended to be viewed full screen, as the viewer is not required to interact with the player in order to continue watching.