# Product News

Introducing Branded Video Pages

There is no right way to share a video.  Some videos were born to be embedded directly on your site, while others were created to stand on their own.  Which is why we’ve designed Branded Video Pages:

Embeds allow your videos to roam free across the internet, but Branded Video Pages serve as a home base – a totally customizable home base designed to do nothing but showcase your video content.   You don’t need to build an entirely new page on your own site to deliver cuts to clients for approval, share content on Twitter and Facebook, or circulate company training videos internally.  Just grab the your video’s public URL and starting sharing.

There has always been a public video page for every video marked as “public” in your account, but now with a few clicks you can transform your public vzaar video pages into a slick, branded environment of your own design – no coding necessary.  Check out these examples.  The Branded Video Pages help doc has the full rundown on how you can brand your own video pages with a few clicks.

Are “a few clicks” a few too many clicks for you?  What about one click?  If you’ve already spent time developing a custom design for your Twitter,  you can also reskin your vzaar pages with the very same logos, and colors saved in your Twitter account – with a single click!  How’s that for brand consistency?

As long as you have at least one video in your account marked as public, you can start branding your video pages now.  The sooner you setup your branded video pages, the sooner you can share them with us.  We’re very excited to see what you come up with, so get started!