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Secure your exclusive content with passwords

Pssst, the password is: Joshua

Do you remember when the word “viral” only conjured up images of fluish passengers on a commuter train?  Nowadays, we aspire to it.  Every new website, application, and tool promises to make your content viral, particularly when it comes to video.  The problem is, there are still many instances when you don’t want every Tom, Francois, and Shin Sung in the world viewing your videos.

Maybe your project is still in the collaboration stage.  Maybe your tutorial is only intended to be viewed by paid subscribers.  Maybe your message is targeted to a very specific demographic.  Or, maybe you’re recruiting for the Freemasons. Whatever the reasons may be, sometimes your content requires a bit of crowd control.  That’s where password protection comes in.

Passwords ensure your videos reach your intended audience, and no one else.  Think of them as your video’s own personal bouncer, ushering VIPs towards your content while keeping out the riffraff.  You can assign  passwords to individual videos, or apply a global password to your entire video library.  Learn how in our help documentation.

Keep in mind that Password Protection is part of vzaar’s Pro Toolkit, which means it is only available to Professional, Business, and Enterprise subscribers.  Basic subscribers interested in password protection and the other advanced features like Playlists, White Label Embed Codes, and Podcasts can  upgrade to the Professional from their account page .