# Video Marketing

Generating video ideas – guest post by Distilled

Content marketing is undergoing massive growth right now and we’re seeing a revolution take place across all aspects of online marketing. Here at Distilled, we believe every business can leverage great content through video.

So, when it comes to generating ideas, it’s typically best to start by finding the “content gaps” in your web presence, which should be pretty identifiable. Typically this need for content within a certain area can be worked out by the needs and wants of your audience vs the knowledge, expertise and Unique Selling Points that you have within your organisation.

OK, have a think about your own companies content gap; got an idea of what you want to produce? It’s at this point where you now need to work out whether or not your idea is going to be best served in video form or by another media type. Sometimes you might start the creative process with the idea of a video or blog post, only to later decide that actually a different form may be the most appropriate method of communication for your story.

Ask yourself – Would this content lose something if it were just text and image?

First things first: work out what you want to achieve

The next step in creating your video is to work out what you want to achieve. Three of the main marketing values you can improve by using video:

  • Improve your user experience
  • Build your brand awareness
  • Increase your site’s optimisation for search engines
  • If you think you’d like your video to work to improve a number of these values then you should probably also start to think about whether it would be better to split your goals and target each individually with a different kind of video. After all, it’s these decisions that help you figure out the right technical implementation for your video and the key performance indicators with which you will measure its success.

    Next up: developing your idea

    Work out the style and type of your video organically by looking at the main objectives that you want to achieve. Let’s take a look at what those could look like for each of the three possible goals mentioned above:

    1. Improving your user awareness

    How are you going to make your video interesting for your audience? In this case, your content needs to be thought-provoking, provide useful information or creative value. An awesome example of this is the SEOmoz whiteboard Friday series; a weekly release from the folks over at SEOmoz, where short-form actionable tips are given out by a speaker in front of a whiteboard. These ideas are presented point by point serving up some insightful tips as well as acting as a great starting point for debate and discussion within their loyal moz community.

    2. Building your brand awareness

    To build on your brand awareness, you either need to create a fantastic and engaging “ad” for your company and service or excel over the social channels with your quality content. Work to build out some creative pieces that will generate buzz as well as offering creative value to your target community. For more advertorial pieces, interviews with members of staff work well to improve brand trust, especially if you’re a new organisation without a strong identity. Huddle’s video talk through their tools and brand is a perfect example of how to express brand identity and convince potential customers of a USP.

    Looking towards Search Engine Optimisation

    a) Conversions and/or Rich Snippets

    By using a product video model, you can often work to improve your online conversions. These videos are created specifically for a site’s landing page to help users with their decisions when it comes to taking the next step in your conversion funnel. Working with a video host platform, like the good folks at Vzaar, means you can provide your user with a positive experience when it comes to watching your brand videos. Not only that but maybe even an exclusive look into new content and material using their password protected features. We used Vzaar to host our most recent Smarter Online Marketing video, here at Distilled.

    And look at the results…

    By adding the SearchLove trailer onto the Distilled Events page allowed us to get a video rich snippet result and jump from fifth to third in the Google rankings for the term “SEO Conference” in the UK. This increased our organic search traffic for this term by 32% month on month. – Tom Neville, Product Owner

    b) Building Links

    More than any other goal with creating video, building video for links means that the content must be absolutely exceptional. People don’t embed mediocre videos. If someone embeds a video on their site – it has to be because they want their readers to, for an instance at least, step away from their own content and spend time watching yours.

    However, exceptional does not necessarily mean exciting or flashy. People will link to and embed useful resources as much as they will beautiful imagery. Take a look at this video infographic discussing the nature and potential threats linked to Stuxnet, the first weapon made entirely out of code.

    c) Presence on Video Search Engines

    Head onto YouTube or Vimeo and you’ll see that most people will be happy to engage with everything from answers on informational queries to pictures of cute cats – but, no matter what the style of the content, successful videos should always do one of the following:

  • Entertain
  • Instruct
  • Provide useful or interesting information
  • Entertaining videos normally offer one or a combination of the following elements: humour, visual aesthetic appeal or an impressive display of skill. Humorous videos usually keep to a simple structure, following either a repeated gag in numerous different circumstances, or follow a traditional aural joke structure with a narrative build-up to a single punch-line.

    Videos that instruct can come in the form of tutorials, tips, lectures or visual guides, while those that provide useful or interesting information exist to serve a particular community or interest group. A great example of this is WordPress Guide for Small Businesses by Simply Business that talks you through setting up a WordPress account for your site in easy to follow and clearly directive steps.

    Still not sure if video is for you or your brand? Want to know more about how to successfully integrate video into your marketing plan? Why not find out more with the Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing over on our training page.