# Product News

Introducing vzaar’s Multi User Accounts Feature

Multiple members of staff working on your online video strategy? Lots of different clients each with separate video strategies?

Our new multi user accounts feature is for you….

So, what exactly is a Multi User Account? Well, the name says it all. vzaar now supports multiple user profiles within one umbrella account. The account owner can grant access to whomever they so choose, but also restrict that access. They control who uses the account, and how they use it.

Set up each of your clients with their own user profile, or give different members of staff specific user roles. However your business works, your account is now a lot more flexible and easy to manage.


Multi User Accounts may be flexible but that doesn’t mean you lose any security – in fact by managing access rights and user roles you can delegate management and uploading of videos while ensuring the rest of your account stays for your eyes only. Give your additional users their own logins so they can perform the tasks you set them, without handing out your own password – where all the important stuff can be found.

Imagine it, each client with their own login, the ability to change their own video settings, without being able to alter global ones.

Or, the office junior can save you the job of uploading videos to your account, without being able to change global settings or financial information.

Eager to learn more? Sure thing, here’s our help document to explain exactly how to manage your user roles and get the full functionality of the Multi User Account feature.

Any other questions just get in touch.