# eLearning Video Tips

How Online Video Can Enrich The E-Learning Experience

The e-learning business is booming. A quick search online returns thousands of results offering training courses in a multitude of flavors. For a small fee you can develop your business skills, brush up on the medical sciences, or bend your body into a series of complex yoga positions – whatever you’re interested in learning there’s a course out there to teach you how.

And what do many of these courses have in common? Video.

Gone are the days when learning materials consisted of a few slides and static lecture notes. Visual demonstrations and interactivity are now the name of the game. Video hosting platforms can be used to enrich the learning environment and ensure your e-learning course remains at the forefront of this ever-growing market. Thanks to technological advancement knowledge and skills training is becoming more and more accessible, reaching a whole new audience who are eager to learn.

So, what is it about video that is so appealing to professionals and students alike? The answer can be summarized in a single word: “engagement”.

Students don’t want to read a long page of text, they want to be shown how to do things, watch animated instructors, and see visual representations of the content. Done properly video can be absorbing, emotional and super effective in conveying complex messages more concisely – and often more elegantly – than text alone. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video must be worth millions.

By combining visual, audio and text-based content videos maximize learning by utilizing cross-modal channels. E-learning courses that rely on text and images alone run the risk of being left behind, in favor of more video focused content.

The engaging nature of online video makes it a powerful weapon in the arsenal of any e-learning professional, helping to make online courses more effective, more popular and, ultimately, more profitable. It really is possible to grow a million dollar business by selling your video content – just ask Dr. Najeeb.