Managing video content for your clients? Check out our 5 steps to getting started with vzaar…

1. Decide what kind of video service you want to offer

Key questions:

– On Demand or Live Streaming?
vzaar is a Video-on-Demand Platform. We are not suited to live streaming. However, if you are looking to upload videos which play on demand – you’ve come to the right place.

– Will multiple people need access to the account?
If your client’s will need to access your video hosting account, manage their own settings, or upload their own videos you should consider a package which allows multiple users of the account.

2. Set up a Free Trial account

Once you have your videos ready to upload we recommend you set up a free trial account which will allow you to try out our features for yourself and test whether we meet your requirements. This is quick and easy to do, and we don’t ask for your payment details. Simply click here to get started.

3. Before you upload your first video:

– Decide whether to use the iframe or HTML embed code. We recommend using the iframe as it means the video player will automatically update any changes, without the need to re-embed the video.

– Decide the bitrate at which to upload your videos. This means finding the best balance between file size and quality. Lower bitrates will save you money and ensure ease of playback, providing your viewers don’t need HD quality. Generally we recommend that you start with 768Kbps but you should experiment with different bitrates during your trial period to work out what works best for your audience.

– Don’t worry about your viewers’ bandwidth. With vzaar’s dual bitrate feature your video will always play at High Definition, unless the viewer has a slow connection. In which case your video will automatically switch the playback quality.

4. Select key features

There are a range of options available to you through the vzaar interface so we suggest you experiment to make sure your videos play exactly as you want them to. Below we have made some suggestions based on the typical needs of many of our clients.

If you are reselling vzaar as part of your own service you may find it easiest to integrate the vzaar platform into your own web application, we recommend that you:

– Point your developers in the direction of the vzaar API and generate an API token. This will allow you to integrate with vzaar for more flexible use of the platform.

– Use white label embed codes. Use your own domain to mask all vzaar URLs and keep even the most tech savvy of clients focused on your content, not where it’s coming from.

If your clients are each using video in different ways you need to be able to change one client’s settings without impacting another’s, we recommend that you:

– Create multiple client profiles using our Multi User Accounts feature which will allow greater control and fine tuning of each client’s settings, without affecting the global settings of the account. For example you will be able to brand each clients video with their own logo, or allow social sharing of some videos while keeping others private, according to your client’s wishes.

5. Decide which type of package you will need

The type of package you need will vary depending on how much bandwidth you expect to use.

Key questions:

– How many videos will you upload?
– How many views do you expect to have?
– what size are your videos: bite-sized snippets or extended lectures?
– How many additional users do you need?

It can be difficult to calculate an accurate answer to these questions but once you have your free trial up and running you’ll get a much more accurate picture of your ideal requirements, allowing you to choose the package that’s right for you.

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