# eLearning Video Tips

Using Online Video To Boost Mobile Learning

Did you know that in the last two years the mobile share of web traffic has almost tripled?

That’s just one of the facts reported by Upside Learning earlier this month and it got me thinking about the impact this makes on the world of eLearning. Professionals must now consider how their courses translate across different platforms if they are to meet the needs of the modern audience.

Profile of the modern worker

They’re tech savvy: The modern worker is part of a digital native generation. They’re comfortable with technology and use it as part of their daily lives. They prefer online communication to traditional face to face methods.

They’re connected: It is estimated that by 2016 350 million worker will use smartphones. Armed with their mobile devices, this is a generation who rely upon this technology to stay more connected than ever before, and rely upon it to perform better.

They consume online video: Alongside the mobile revolution comes a surge in online video traffic. Cisco predict that by 2015 video will account for over 65% of mobile data usage. Conclusion? People are using their smartphones to view video (a lot!)

So, what does all this mean for your eLearning course?

Mobile is a great medium to deliver effective learning. It means that workers are able to access your resources anywhere, any time which is great if they need to review something they’ve forgotten or respond to a changing situation.

Critically, it’s a medium that audiences are already using and are accustomed to. In fact, there is evidence that suggests many actually prefer to access the internet via mobile devices:

  • In the US 50% of the population will access the internet on mobile devices
  • In India 49% report never using desktop to access the internet
  • In Asia 50% do not access the internet via their PC

And, how are people using their mobiles? To view video.

Your eLearning (or more accurately your mLearning) course should incorporate this growing trend to give your students the content they want – when they want it.

It is essential that your video hosting solution offers mobile compatibility. Not only is video a great way to deliver effective learning, it is also the medium of choice for the growing number of mLearners out there.