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Introducing YouTube Syndication Tool

Ever wanted to embed professional video on your site while still capturing the YouTube audience? Well, with our YouTube Syndication tool you can! Designed to make managing your online video strategy even easier you can now manage your YouTube content directly from your vzaar account, saving you the hassle of uploading your videos in two separate places.

Now, we all know the benefits of professional video hosting: greater control over content (no competitor ads!), plenty of link-juice, customizable video player to fit the design of your site to name a few. With YouTube Syndication you still get all those benefits but you can also send your videos to YouTube to hit that wider audience for the best of both worlds.

Want to find out more? Here’s Aaron to explain how to get started…

If you have any questions about using YouTube Syndication check out our help document or simply get in touch.

See you next time!