Video marketing in eCommerce

Product images are now somewhat part and parcel of eCommerce sites. But beyond images lies video marketing, which can be just as effective – if not more so – in creating an impact and showcasing your product at its best.

Let’s delve into why this is the case.

1. Multiple images

If you’re asking people to part with their hard earned cash it’s important that they know exactly what they’re buying.

The problem for eCommerce is that consumers can’t actually see the product for themselves in the same way that they can by going in store. The information you display on your site needs to do the work for them.

Now, multiple images are a good start.


Why clutter the page with lots of different images? One single promotional video can do the job for you.

Beachwear store Simply Beach gets it. A model gives a quick twirl to show the outfit and hey presto! 20% increase in conversions (Source: Econsultancy)

The reality is that a busy page can be a big turn off. Product videos help you to keep the design clear, while at the same time, presenting your product from all angles.

2. Show me inside

eCommerce sites need to show the product in as much detail as possible: and this includes its insides too.

Take, for example, a site selling handbags.

It’s going to be very useful to get a sense of how large the bag is. Now, just showing a shot of the inside, or a list of dimensions, isn’t very relatable.

The benefit of video marketing is that you can present this information in a much more engaging way than just static images and text.

MZ Wallace use this to their advantage: actually showing the bag being packed so the consumer can see just how much storage they are getting for their money.

Video Marketing In Action

And again, it means you don’t need multiple shots of all the different bag compartments.

Promotional Video Example

You don’t need to be selling bags to make use of this idea.

Award winning cosmetics retailer Illamasqua show moving swatch videos alongside their products allowing the consumer to see what the make up looks out of its packaging.

eCommerce Manager James Winfield told us why the brand decided to use video marketing…

“We wanted to find a way to emulate the visual impact of walking in to one of our shops and being able to touch and try our make-up. Video is a fantastic way to do this because it gives a truly realistic view of what the product looks like when applied”

Other applications might be…

  • Cars: how roomy is the trunk?
  • Shelving: how much weight will it take?
  • Houses: how spacious is the kitchen?

3. Show it in context

This is where video marketing really excels. If you’re going to show your product in action there’s really no other way to do it (and do it well) than a product video.

Demonstrating how your product actually works…

  • Highlights its value: Where will the consumer actually use this product? Why is it useful to them?
  • Shows just how well it performs: The Will It Blend video marketing campaign by Blendtec shows just how its strong blender blades are.
  • Gives best practice advice: uses expert coaches to help consumers choose the bat that’s right for them.

Video Marketing Example

This will help to generate brand loyalty since the company is going the extra mile to ensure complete enjoyment of their sporting equipment.


While product videos can really boost sales you need to deliver them in the right way.

For successful video marketing campaigns, embedding video on site is a must. Only then can you control the rest of the content on the page.

Make sure that you have:

– A strong call to action: make it easy for the consumer to get their hands on your goods.
– Minimal links leading off the page: reduce the chance that they’ll leave.
– A professional video host: using a professional solution will ensure that when your viewer clicks play… your video plays. All over the world and on any device.


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