Do you want to unlock the full potential of video marketing?

Video sitemaps are an essential element for your video SEO.

What is a video sitemap?

If you want your videos to appear in search engine results you need to tell the search engines where your videos are located and the types of information to display about them.

And that’s exactly what a video sitemap does. It contains all the meta information about your video so that you can make sure it starts to rank for the relevant search terms.

Why do I need a video sitemap?

With a video sitemap in place you can expect to see your videos ranking in the rich snippets area, just like this:

The benefit of having a video search result is that they are much more clickable than the standard result.

In fact…

  • Video results get 41% more clicks than plain text results (Econsultancy)

And that means lots of targeted traffic to your site.

How Can I Build A Video Sitemap?

We’re really excited to introduce our new video SEO feature which will create your video sitemap for you – all you need to do is enter the information about the video and we’ll provide you with the code you need.

We’ll even tell you when somethings gone wrong so you can go ahead and fix it.

Create a video sitemap of your very own here.

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