Did you know that video results have a 41% higher click through rate than standard results? (Econsultancy)

But, how do you get those video results ranking in search results in the first place?

That’s where video sitemaps come in. A video sitemap is an xml feed which provides Google with information about the video so it can better determine whether the content is useful and relevant for a particular search query.

We just launched our new video SEO feature which builds the video sitemap for you, providing you with the code Google needs to be able to index your video.

We thought we’d give you a run through of how it works in three quick 10 second tips…

Step 1: Create Your Video Sitemap

Step 2: Add Videos To Your Sitemap

Once you have generated your video sitemap you need to add in the videos you want to be indexed by Google. This is where you need to enter the meta information that lets Google know what the video is about.

Step 3: Check For Video Sitemap Errors and Fix ‘Em

A word of warning!

An incorrect sitemap can have a damaging impact on your SEO. It’s important not to include videos that are missing any of the essential elements: title, description, url.

But, we’ve got your back.

We’ll automatically exclude those videos from the sitemap and flag them as errors in your account. If you want to get these videos in the search results you will need to fix all your errors before we can include them.

Next Steps…

If you want to give it a try log in to your account or start a free trial and have a go for yourself.

Additional Resources

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