We heard tons of clear, actionable insights into video marketing at our Future of Video Marketing event last month.

Here’s what went down:

Optimizing Your Videos From Search EnginesIt’s super important to tie business goals to your video marketing campaigns. Whether your goal is driving traffic & conversions, raising brand awareness or encouraging links and shares, will have a big impact on the content and implementation of your video marketing. Phil Nottingham of Distilled gave us his best practice advice. Read more.

The Science of Video SharingSocial video, as we call it, rather than viral video, social video has been around for let say since 2006 and it’s almost as if it’s being delivered apologetically by brands. It could be an amazing piece of content, but at the end, they’re like ooh sorry. That was brand X.The reality of the situation is a lot of brands are missing the opportunity” Barney Worfolk Smith of Unruly shares with us 6 research findings that could get your videos shared. Read More.

The Future Will Be TelevisedThen I’m going to pull it right back down to brass tacks to tell you, as people in business today, what this means to you, and what you can do, practically tomorrow, that would in fact empower you and help you.” Richard Teideman of London Creative on the shift from television to online video. Read more.

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