# Just For Fun

vzaar Support Superstars: Alasdair

Meet Alasdair. Support guy by day super hero by night…

All time favourite support question:


Highest snowboard jump:

I love to ride the powder in the trees but I’m a wimp in the park. My biggest air? 3 feet. Maybe…


Here is my favourite playground:

Who_is_Ali__-_Google_Drive 2

Most wanted super power:

Such a hard choice between flying and being able to turn invisible. I am lucky that I have flying dreams fairly frequently so I’ll go with invisibility.

Most frequently asked question:

“How can I secure my videos?” I get this one a lot. We’ve got lots of different features to help keep your videos safe. There’s an overview here, if you’re wondering.

Football or soccer?

Definitely NFL football. I love both the gameplay and the sideline strategy. Go Pats!

Mustard or ketchup?

Both. Mixed together.

Jason Bourne or James Bond?

I’m originally from Edinburgh so Sean Connery as James Bond, for sure. That said, I think Daniel Craig has been a refreshing reboot.

Tea or coffee?

Both, but mostly coffee. At night, I like green tea or Earl Grey.

The perfect cup of coffee is:

A huge latte from the local coffee shop.

3 fun facts about Alasdair:
Who_is_Ali__-_Google_Drive 3

    1. I have a tattoo of the Norwegian flag on my leg – I lost a bet :(

    2. I once helped a friend base jump off the roof of the Sahara hotel in Las Vegas.

    3. Perry Farrell once told me I was cool.

Hopefully that’s helped you to get to know Alasdair our real, verifiably human, support-guy-extraordinaire.

If you do have any other questions for Alasdair, or the rest of our support team (all human – trust us!), you can say hello via live chat or drop us a line here. Always happy to help.

Bye for now!