Breathe life into any eCommerce site

Video is being used to add real value to eCommerce sites. Giving the consumer much more information about the product and the people behind it. It allows online shoppers to make much more informed decisions and helps to establish the trust needed to put their hard earned cash in your hands.

Product videos:

  • Increase confidence in your product: 52% of shoppers feel more confident about buying after watching a product video (Marketing Charts)
  • Increase conversion rates – by as much as 174% (Retail Touchpoints)
  • Reduce return rates – reduced its return rate from 12% to 9% using online video (Internet Retailer)

We wanted to share with you a few examples of how different eCommerce sites are using video – hope it inspires your own!

360 degree product views

The big problem with any eCommerce site is that it exists in the online world.

Consumers don’t have a physical product in front of them and this can act as a barrier to your sales. If consumers are unsure of exactly what’s going to end up on the doorstep they’ll likely go elsewhere to someplace they can be sure that what arrives is what they expected and wanted.

These sites to a great job of it…

Damsel in a Dress

Product video from damsel in a dress

By showing the dress on a moving model Damsel in a Dress are allowing the consumer to see how it fits and moves. What’s really nice about this site is that it includes the model’s height along with the product information so you can compare it with your own and get a good idea of the length of the garment and how it will look on you.


brillianteers product video

A really simple – but effective – video. The rotating view allows the diamond to catch the light and really sparkle (ooooh pretty). It brings the product to life, and reassures you that there’s no nasty surprises waiting.

This is a particularly good idea for more luxury goods since your consumer may be more comfortable buying high value items in a physical store, simply because of the amount of money involved.

Product Demonstration Videos

By teaching your customers how to use your product properly you’ve got more chance they’ll enjoy and use to its fullest. The result? A LOT of happy customers.

And that makes for plenty of repeat business, glowing recommendations and even more sales!

JustBats Training Video has a massive selection of videos. Everything from choosing the right bat right through to perfecting your swing. By providing the training around the product they establish themselves as the experts AND make sure their customers are happy with the bat once it arrives.

About Us Videos

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Get personal!

In the world of online shopping there’s a physical barrier to your customer – the screen. You can’t connect with them on that human to human level. And that can mean you miss out on sales. About us videos help to put a face on your brand. It’s that personal connection that will have your consumers coming back to you time and time again.

Bow and Drape

Bow and Drape about us video

With a focus on product customization, Bow and Drape have a great story to tell: and they tell it.

The video gives the brand an identity. Plus, it reassures likeminded consumers that they’ve come to a place where the people understand their wants and needs – and can deliver them!

Yep, there’s no doubt about it: video is rewriting the rules of online shopping. Gone are the days of static product images, ambiguous product descriptions and all around confusion about what product you’re actually getting when you hit the add to cart button.

Want to add videos to your own eCommerce site? Well, if you’re a Magento user we’ve now made it easier than ever before. No more copying over embed codes from one platform to another. Now you can integrate your vzaar account and manage product videos directly from the admin section of your own site.

The quickest and easiest way to add video to product pages.

Step 1: Install our Magento plugin: Video Hosting and Product Gallery with vzaar

Step 2: Hook it up to your vzaar account and get going! The help document here explains more.

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