It’s here! The (drum roll please) vzaar Video Hosting and Product Gallery plugin for Magento.

If you’re using Magento (or even if you’re not but are looking for an ecommerce/video mash up) this is a super quick way to add videos to your product pages.

Why Video for eCommerce?

It’s no secret that having video on product pages boosts conversions (this post has all the stats you need to know).

Video adds real value to eCommerce sites, showcasing your products and giving your consumers a much clearer idea than static images or vague descriptions ever can. A piece of the instore experience brought online.

We believe that video shouldn’t be difficult to implement. And with our new Magento plugin we’ve made sure it isn’t.

Now you don’t need to switch back and forth between your eCommerce platform and your video hosting solution. vzaar’s Magento plugin puts it all in one place.

Quick, easy and totally code free.


Install the vzaar Magento Plugin

Want product videos on your own eCommerce site? Install the vzaar Magento Plugin and away you go…

Once you install the plugin we’ll create a vzaar video tab within the admin area of your site. Here you can manage all of your video settings.

Once you’ve hooked Magento up to your vzaar account you’ll find all your videos listed within the admin area of your website.

Then, to add the videos to your product pages you simply find the category or product, go to the vzaar tab and choose which video you want to appear. Now, hey presto, your video will appear on the page, either inline with the product images or – if you choose – as a popup lightbox.

If you need any help getting started there’s a step by step guide here, otherwise just get in touch – we’re always happy to help.

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