It may not surprise you to learn that at vzaar we heart video. Seriously, check out how powerful it can be:

– Increases site traffic (MoneyWeek managed 136% traffic growth with video)
– Increases time on site (100% according to Marketing Sherpa)
– Ultimately, increases conversions (by as much as 174% – Retail Touchpoints)

But, a lot of people assume that video is expensive, time consuming and difficult to do. Which can be true, if you don’t have the right tools.

So, here’s the secret: Animoto.

You can now easily create professional videos using Animoto and seamlessly export them to your vzaar account – all with a single click!

We made this video using Animoto and we were amazed by just how easy it was! So easy in fact our lovely intern Geoff managed to pull it off in just a couple of hours. And that was from putting together the assets we used (read: posing for photographs!) as well as producing the video itself. I’ll hand him the reins, here, to walk you through how he did what he did.


“My mission: put together a video to showcase Animoto, using Animoto.

Step 1: Choose the video style: We went for a fairly simple style to keep the emphasis on our message but Animoto have tons to choose from depending on the type of video you’re going for.
Step 2: Add captions
Step 3: Create the soundtrack. There’s a vast music library to choose from. Once you have your perfect music clip you can trim the song length to match your video.
Step 4: Upload your logo (branding, it’s important)
Step 5: Umm, that’s pretty much it… Just hit produce and your video is made!

The best part: the whole process took only a few hours.

Once you have your masterpiece finished you can export to vzaar and take advantage of our security, video SEO and player customization tools.”

There you go, Animoto: so easy the intern can do it ;)

Lots of businesses are already using Animoto to create beautiful videos of their own. Like these ones:

And you can too!

Not only do the generous folks at Animoto already save you time and money during the video production process, they’re also offering 20% off to all vzaar customers (enter vzaar20 at the checkout)…so go forth and make some videos. Enjoy!

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